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12step !!!
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[ Sat, 11/25/06 @ 3:41pm]
I'm still not over this!!

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[ Fri, 10/27/06 @ 4:58pm]
I don't know who filmed this but its amazing!!!

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[ Tue, 08/15/06 @ 11:08pm]
today was the most intense day of my life! I've never been up so early to go to school or had my throat hurt so bad. I love our classs ohhhhhhhhhh seven

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[ Sun, 07/09/06 @ 7:59pm]
ahhh I just got a Sidekick II! I'm in such shock
I like the Sidekick III alot though

yayy life is good!
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ahhh I think mc is rubbing off on me! [ Tue, 05/09/06 @ 8:22pm]
I was cleaning my room today and I found an old box with tons and tons of pictures from my childhood. it made me so sad! I hate the thought of getting older. even just graduation in a year seems so scary to me! and to make matters worse I got my childhood best friend's graduation invitation in the mail today.

so if you want to feel really old go look through your old pictures too!

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merry christmas :) [ Sun, 12/25/05 @ 9:37am]
wonderful christmas!!!

lets see I got jeans that actually fit, 10 pairs of earrings w/a holder, the gucci sunglasses I really wanted, lots of makeup, hair curlers, a new keyring, $50 gift card to target, a pretty bracelet dona made me, some sweaters & a patagonia fleece, ohhhh and $1250 which means its time to go car shopping!!!!!

oh and it turns out the gas leak in our garage was a joke by my mom. she just didn't want us to go in and see the pool table she got as our family gift. pretty sweeet

I got $100 from my grandparents and a gorgeous diamond necklace. life is goood
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oh my god [ Sat, 11/26/05 @ 11:22am]
the rooney/all-american rejects/the academy is show last night was AMAZING! they were all wonderful but aar definately played the best show. go and see them next time they come, you won't be dissapointed.

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OHHHHH SHIAT! [ Mon, 10/24/05 @ 5:52pm]

AISD got new poCollapse )
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but she was leaving soon on a goddess world tour! [ Thu, 09/29/05 @ 8:28pm]
ahhhhhh fantasy just played on fox and it made me so happy



that made my day.
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[ Sun, 09/25/05 @ 10:34pm]
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[ Tue, 08/09/05 @ 8:10pm]

shes going to play cho chang?!!
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what has this world come to
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[ Fri, 07/29/05 @ 11:23pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[ Wed, 07/27/05 @ 10:18pm]
best birthday present ever.

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[ Wed, 07/06/05 @ 10:56am]
too bad everyone from the middle school crew is either banned from me or doesn't like me anymore. so we had ohter people over, and it turned out to be better and with nooo drama
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[ Thu, 04/28/05 @ 11:16pm]
rEdHoT4587 (11:14:51 PM): rEdHoT4587 (11:13:47 PM): not like you have any serious secrets K mart of 06 (11:14:27 PM): maybe i do
Striker169FB (11:15:01 PM): thats hes GAY
Striker169FB (11:15:05 PM): thats about the only one I can think of
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[ Sun, 04/24/05 @ 11:53pm]
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[ Mon, 02/28/05 @ 10:14pm]
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[ Mon, 02/14/05 @ 12:50pm]
last night was sooooo incredibly random and fun, it was what I really needed.

i loveee merrill, kathryn, kristen, courtney, sarah, shelton, and will. and aaron for letting us go to his house and chill in the teepee for 2.5 seconds.


love love love
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[ Tue, 01/18/05 @ 9:26pm]

This weekend I went with SHPC on the ski retreat to Ruidoso New Mexico. I don't think I've had that much fun with a bunch of kids my age I didn't really know, plus Brianna. It was sooo fun, and even though I'm sore as hell, it was definately worth it.
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[ Tue, 01/04/05 @ 2:23pm]
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